Instruments | Martin Haycock
Martin Haycock is a Lute Maker with over 30 years of experience making historical instruments
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Instrument Models

This represents a broad selection of the models I currently make, covering instruments from the early sixteenth century to the middle of the eighteenth century and the decline of the lute. My aim is to make a well balanced instrument with clarity and projection and with a good range. I pay particular attention to the set up, including the height of the action in the right and left hand and peg function.


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Six Course

54cms. Nine ribs based on iconography

59cms. Eleven ribs based on an early C16th. painting by Marziale

59.5cms. Nine ribs after the “Presbyter” lute

60cms. Eleven ribs own design

60cms. Eleven ribs after Gerle

64cms. Eleven ribs C34 Frei

67cms. Eleven ribs Warwick Frei

78cms. Eleven ribs V&A Frei

Seven & Eight Course

44cms. Nineteen rib back Venere

58.7cms. Twenty seven rib back Venere Florence

60cms. Eleven ribs Gerle

60cms. Thirteen ribs after Venere

60cms. Thirty one ribs Tieffenbrucker

64cms. Thirteen ribs after Venere

64cms. Fifteen ribs Rauwolf

67cms. Thirteen ribs Venere

72cms. Thirteen ribs Venere

Nine & Ten Course

64cms. Eleven ribs Frei

64cms. Thirteen ribs after Venere

65cms. Thirty one ribs Dieffopruchar

67cms. Fifteen ribs Rauwolf

67cms. Eleven ribs after Frei

67cms. Nineteen ribs Venere

Eleven Course

64cms. Eleven ribs Frei

67cms. Eleven ribs Maler

67cms. Eleven ribs after Frei

69cms. Eleven ribs Frei

Twelve Course

67cms. Thirteen ribs Venere

67cms. Eleven ribs after Frei

Thirteen Course

Historically thirteen course lutes were built in a very diverse range of styles, from converted early sixteenth century lutes via converted Paduan lutes with ”renaissance” barring through to the late German lutes of Schelle and Widhalm. Therefore a thirteen course lute can be made on almost any mould.

Bass Rider

64 & 70cms. Eleven ribs Frei C34

67 & 73cms. Eleven ribs after Frei Warwick

71 & 77 cms. Eleven ribs Frei Warwick

71 & 77cms. Nineteen ribs Venere V&A

73 & 79cms. Eleven ribs Schelle Nürnberg

74 & 80cms Eleven ribs Widhalm Nürnberg

Swan Neck

69 & 96cms. Nine ribs Hoffman Nürnberg

71 & 94cms. Eleven ribs Frei Warwick

71 & 93cms. Eleven ribs Schelle Nürnberg

74 & 99cms. Eleven ribs Widhalm Nürnberg


64 & 142cms. Thirty one ribs Dieffopruchar Vienna

67 & 145cms. Thirty one ribs Dieffopruchar Vienna

67 & 145cms. Nineteen ribs Venere V&A

Elizabeth Kenny

“To live with a lute over a long time it has to have enough possibilities and different colours, and Martin’s instruments have this depth and complexity.  They are also things of beauty; no detail of wood varieties, varnish possibilities, decoration and construction is to small to be discussed and realised.  Or you can just say “I want one that has a great sound” and know that the workmanship and visual detail will be beautiful.  I have several instruments of all shapes and sizes from treble lute to English theorbo; each has its own identity and individuality.”

Elizabeth Kenny


78 & 164cms. Twenty five ribs after Venere

82 & 170cms. Twenty five ribs after Venere

76 & 160cms. Thirty one ribs Sellas Brussels

82 & 170cms. Thirty one ribs Sellas Brussels

82 & 170cms. Thirty one ribs after Buchenberg

85 & 174cms. Thirty one ribs after Buchenberg

89 & 170cms. Forty one ribs Buchenberg


English theorboes seem to have been made in various forms. Single strung, double strung with one set of diapasons or up to five stepped nuts.

76 & 135cms. After 13 ribs Venere Private collection

French Theorbo

76 & 130cms. Thirteen ribs Venere Yale in d

85 & 158cms. Thirteen ribs after iconography

Paula Chateauneuf

Paula Chateauneuf

“The wonderful thing about Martin’s instruments is that through his impeccable craftsmanship and artistry I find my sound.  I felt this the first time I played one of his instruments 30 years ago and still feel it now.  For this reason, most of my instruments are by Martin, and although I own instruments by other makers which I very much enjoy, I find myself always drawn back to his.  He made me an exquisite copy of a very highly decorated Sellas guitar c1650 and every time I take it out someone remarks on its beauty and rich sound.”

Vihuela &  Viola Da Mano

60cms. Flat back g’

56cms. Vaulted back a’

60cms. Vaulted back e’

60cms. Fluted back g’ after Paris Chambure


65cms. Flat back Jean Voboam

68cms. Flat back Alexandre Voboam

66cms. Vaulted back after Sellas

68cms. Vaulted back Sellas